Camp Strategic 5-Year Plan



  • Shift in asking counselors and directors to affirm the Christian story
  • Shift the focus of CIT/LIT training week at Pilgrim Firs
  • Emphasizing the connection of camps to the local church
  • Late 2016, introduce Board to idea of shifting camp focus at Pilgrim Firs  


  •         Celebrate 60 years of youth camps at Pilgrim Firs at Annual Meeting
  •         Make adjustments to schedule to spend time at N-Sid-Sen youth camps
  •         Shift the focus of CIT/LIT training week at N-Sid-Sen    
  •         Prioritize UCC churches on schedule (starting in September)
  •         New Outdoor Ministry Committee (Roll out at AM 2017)
  •         Start work on Camp Development Campaign (later 2017)    


  •         Roll out 2 service & mission trip weeks at Pilgrim Firs (MS / HS)
  •         Have traditional youth camps happening at N-Sid-Sen
  •         Have LIT training happen during the Kids / Intermediate Camps
  •         Start work on staff housing area on top of hill at Pilgrim Firs        


  •         Introduce Intergenerational service / mission trip week at Pilgrim Firs
  •         Ideally break ground on a new program building / space at Pilgrim Firs
  •         Ideally break ground of new underpass of access at N-Sid-Sen


  •         3 service / mission trips weeks & a week of LIT/Kids/Intermediate Camp (PF)
  •         2 Family Camps, 2 Youth Camps (MS/HS) and LIT/Kids/Intermediate Camp (NSS)
  •         No planned major shifting of programs or culture (Sabbath year from change)